Bucket List: Giraffe Manor

September 13, 2017

This hotel is special for all the right reasons. Giraffe Manor, located in Nairobi, Kenya, might be one of the most expensive hotels to visit, but most worthwhile.

Depending on the room you stay in, you can wake up to Rothchild giraffes right by your window with the opportunity to feed them treats. You can also feed them from inside the breakfast hall, where the windows are opened wide. Later in the day, you can enjoy some delicious afternoon tea.

What I love about this place is that though its main attraction are giraffes, they remain in the wild, instead of in captivity. They come and go as they please, but they keep coming back for the treats. Their presence may not be guaranteed at all times, but these gentle giants will make an appearance when they see fit.

If this dream hotel is above your budget, you may have the opportunity to enjoy the property for lunch ($75 USD), afternoon tea ($50 USD) or dinner ($90 USD) without being an overnight guest. This requires approval from the hotel’s management team, where reservations can only be confirmed no more than one week and no less than 3 days before the service.


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Can you believe that giraffes only sleep 20 minutes a day, their saliva is antiseptic and they have a kick that can kill a lion? Crazy right?! I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my giraffe pics so here’s the scoop! If you want to book at Giraffe Manor, keep in mind that it’s a boutique hotel so the rooms are limited. I had to book 4 months out just to get the exact date and room that I wanted. Go for Jock’s or Betty’s room if you want to feed the giraffes from your bedroom. Lastly, you can visit the property without having to stay there if you arrange this with the management first. It will save you money BUT you won’t have the breakfast experience. (Nairobi, Kenya)

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Have you ever had breakfast with giraffes? Well, you now can in Kenya at @thesafaricollection the only place in the world where giraffes will join you for breakfast and afternoon tea and would not steal your food. Giraffes are very social animals and it s clear that they love this place. When I was seeing pictures I always though that there is someone who is holding those giraffes on a leash or something. But the trick is in special pellets that they just loooove, for them they would go for miles. The area is huge and giraffes would only join you if they feel like it. I loved that place and loved how those animals are being treated here, which is very important for me. Would you dare to kiss a giraffe? Their saliva is antiseptic 😂 #animals #giraffe #kenya #thesafaricollection #africa #breakfast #foodport #giraffemanor #cuteanimals #giraffe #passionpassport #wanderlust

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Tip: This is certainly a much sought after experience, so make sure to save up and book way in advance for this unique experience.

Click here to visit the website for additional and up-to-date information.

Is this a place you’d like to visit? Have you been before? Let us know in the comments below!

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